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ChronOdin is a puzzle-platformer game that gives the player the power to manipulate time.

Take on the role as a fallen Nordic warrior as they travel to Valhalla and remember their past life.  Control the flow of time to pass through the ruins, finding locked doors and shifting floors at every turn.

Do you have what it takes to prove yourself a true warrior and rejoin your old battle companions in the Hall of the Slain?


  • Five levels with unique puzzles and exciting platforming sequences
  • Freeze, reverse, and slow time to pass through each level
  • Reveal the story of a fallen Nordic warrior through notes left for them by Odin

About us:

Developed by Heatwave Studios, a student game development group based out of Arizona State University that aims to complete and publish one game each year. The game is a completely volunteer effort from an interdisciplinary team of students from across the academic and creative spectrum. We hope you enjoy what we made!


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