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Teamwork means everything in this fast-paced multiplayer game. A laser tethers you and your teammate together, requiring you to work together in order to get the laser to slice away the competition. First team to touch an opponent with their laser is the victor!


  • 5 unique maps set in a neon-filled futuristic city
  • Destroy the opposing team in death match mode, or try to score on each other in soccer mode!
  • Use power-ups to gain an upper edge
  • 2-4 players competing locally on the same screen

Note: Requires at least 2 controllers to play

Developed by 25PercentGames, a student game development group based out of Arizona State University. The game is a completely volunteer effort from an interdisciplinary team of students from across the academic and creative spectrum. We hope you enjoy what we made!


ChromasliceApril18v4.zip 69 MB

Install instructions

Download the most recently provided download, and extract the .zip file to a known location. Double click on the .exe file inside those files to begin the game. By default, the game controls expect 2 controllers with 2 players on each controller. Be sure to change your settings from the main menu if this is not your setup.

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