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Aegis Initiative is a spaceship shooter, inspired by games like Star Fox 64 and Iridion 3D.

Take on the role as a new student at the Tiberius Flight Academy, an intergalactic training center for the pilots who protect scientific expeditions, trade ships, and diplomatic envoys from the dangers of deep space.  Befriend up to four copilots, deepening your friendship and gaining their trust each time they accompany you on a mission.

Do you have what it takes to make it as a pilot, and save your friends along the way?


  • Traverse 4 exciting levels and unlock copilots along the way
  • Mix and match active and passive copilot abilities
  • Unlock unique stories for each copilot
  • This game will not hurt you

About us:

Developed by Heatwave Studio (formerly 25PercentGames), a student game development group based out of Arizona State University that aims to complete and publish one game each year. The game is a completely volunteer effort from an interdisciplinary team of students from across the academic and creative spectrum. We hope you enjoy what we made!


Aegis Initiative (v0.5).zip 197 MB

Install instructions

Download the most recently provided download, and extract the .zip file to a known location. Double click on the .exe or .app file inside that folder to begin the game. 

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